FENCES (6/15)
No matter where you live or what you do, you cannot escape the restriction or protection of fences. These barriers seem to be everywhere and anywhere, placed with reason or without any apparent rhyme. One thing is for certain: Their origin of existence was for a purpose and before they are moved or destroyed, the question of the “why” they are present needs to be asked. Many like to disregard rules (fences) for being too restraining without realizing that without these guards, unrestricted evil will flood in or out and eventually destroy.

I live in cattle ranching territory and a land of thousands of miles of fencing. A standard rule in this country is that if you open a gate, it is always to be closed. (Even if you look for miles and there is no visible sign of animal or human life). These fences exist for a reason: they are put in place to both keep in and to keep out. They are there as barriers of protection both for what is inside and what is outside. The same can be said of the laws and guidelines given to us by God in the Bible. What is thought of “old” and holding little value in a “modern” world provides the ultimate protection for all creation from an enemy of wickedness that never ages.

God is a God of love and does not place restrictions and give rules because He is closed minded and hateful. He puts all things in place as He loves you and wants to protect all from the harmful activity of others and themselves. Man is a created being that has a fallen soul and is bent towards evil and if left on their own will ultimately destroy others and themselves. Fences, rules, restrictions are not only needed for a society to functional properly. They are absolutely critical!

Today’s society is intent on removing all barriers in the name of tolerance. In the acceptance of all things “good” they fail to ask the question of “why” these rules, laws or fences were established. Even worse, the reasons are known & these protections are still removed & a huge hug is given to ultimate evil & the inevitable consequences that “will” result.

I like a nice fence and appreciate a shut door when I sleep at night. Most lock car doors, place money in a bank and rely heavily on passwords of all kinds. God has lovingly given the Ten Commandments individually and collectively. When these are taken out, ignored or replaced there is absolutely nothing protecting society from the unknown without and the evil within. Love is the “Why”, put in place by the Creator of All.

Pastor Dave