He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works. Psalm 33:15

We all have a heart. As sure as we are living and breathing we know it is functioning and providing the necessary substances to go where they need to. What we don’t often think about is Who created it or why? It is not accidental that we occupy a “spot” in this vast universe and that our hearts daily search for something: Too be united with its Creator. The heart was created for relationship and the purposeful love of the Father, yet broken & severed by Adam in the Garden. It is in this world that man attempts to unite their heart with its One “True” love.

We all have had first loves and are “lovers” of many things. Hobbies, vacation spots, food, sports teams, jobs and the list goes on. These desires grow as the heart pursues anything and everything in a finite world looking for the One fix it needs. This muscle of the physical and center of emotions, thoughts and desires, needs to be wanted and wishes to want. Throwing itself into relationships, pursuits and adventures that repeatedly bruises, breaks and leaves you with a feeling of utter helplessness and without hope. These strong emotions erupt from such a seemingly small, yet vital part of our lives. It is the one thing that regardless of what we try to do, has no cure outside of the it’s “One” true God. (Spiritual portion of the heart).

The ugliness of hate, jealousy, love and acceptance are interwoven into individual hearts that come together as a whole. These hearts that had been magnificently crafted by their Creator at the beginning of time and lovingly given to all do to as each pleases are in relentless pursuit of restoration to their original condition. A reinstatement that no remedy of the world will provide, but only individual repentance toward The One True love.

It is no coincidence that Jesus’ own heart was pierced on the Cross. In the supreme act of sacrifice for all, His very heart had to be broken during the ultimate act of love. The heart is in the hands of The King, yet still subjected to this fallen world. Elevated and at the same time attacked as it is shaped through life while searching for its One true Love. Who holds your heart today? Is it the temporary items of the world or the One who knows it best?

Pastor Dave